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About Me

I am currently a first-year PhD student majoring in Computer Science at Peking University supervised by Prof. Hao Dong. My research interests include 3D Computer Vision and Robotics. Previously, I got my Bachelor degree from Yuanpei College, Peking University, in 2022.

Publications (* denotes equal contribution)

DualAfford: Learning Collaborative Visual Affordance for Dual-gripper Object Manipulation

  Yan Zhao*, Ruihai Wu*, Zhehuan Chen, Yourong Zhang, Qingnan Fan, Kaichun Mo, Hao Dong
  ICLR 2023
  [Paper], [Project]

VAT-Mart: Learning Visual Action Trajectory Proposals for Manipulating 3D ARTiculated Objects

  Ruihai Wu*, Yan Zhao*, Kaichun Mo*, Zizheng Guo, Yian Wang, Tianhao Wu, Qingnan Fan, Xuelin Chen, Leonidas J. Guibas, Hao Dong
  ICLR 2022
  [Paper], [Project], [Code], [Video]